Welcome to "Fairytale"

A sunlit place located in Kamari, Corinthia, away from the noisy center of the city of Xylokastro which is just 4,4km away. In addition, there is a beautiful garden full of ornamental and fruit bearing trees and different kinds of flowers. The outdoor barbecue area is covered, equipped with a traditional wood-fired oven and a big dining table to enjoy your spare time in a peaceful environment. The basement apartments have a wonderful view to the mountains of the area and the one on the second floor, an amazing view to the Corinthian Gulf. All three apartments are fully renovated and equipped with anything that a modern family might need. The housekeeper’s flat is in the same building. Direct access to the sea – 3 minutes by car, 5 minutes by bike- Parking space for all the apartments.



Seaside village of 1,200 inhabitants with restaurants, ouzo bars, cafes. Apart from being a place for holiday-makers, Kamari has orchards of lemon and orange trees and olive groves, which produce extra quality olive oil.


Xylokastro is a town of 5,000 inhabitants, 5 km from Kamari, with a marina, sports centres, restaurants, shops and a unique pine tree forest, near the beach.

Pefkias Beach

With the beautiful picturesque pine forest ideal for those who love hiking, running and tennis that expands along a splendid pebbled beach giving the opportunity of leisure and fun to the organized beach bars close to the waves.

Monastery Panagia Koryfi

The mountain of Panagia Peak with 940 m altitude is a landmark for the region. From the homonymous monastery on top the view across the Corinthian Gulf is indescribable. A 8-kilometer sloping road leads up there.